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Pasta Dinner Fundraiser 2017

Ken Fallon catches the camera's eye while everyone else works. Nice smile Ken! Thanks to
Sally Scroth, James Wahl, Ken Fallon and Steve Shriner for serving.  

Dishing up the goods.

The 2017 Pasta Dinner Fundraiser  and raffle was held as advertised. Though the turnout was relatively small (100) we did turn a profit of $2500 on the event.  Milfoil will always be a problem and the only way of controlling it is with the appropriate herbicide. New scientific techniques may be in the offing but, for now, this is it. The average cost of yearly treatment runs between $5,000 and $6,000 dollars. Fortunately, we had some state grant money this year and the West Greenwich Conservation Commission always helps us.
Without treatment the milfoil would take over large portions of the lake and eventually reduce it to a swamp.
Bobby Mehan and his Lions did their usual outstanding job of preparing the food.  They have been there for us since the beginning. Click below to see a picture of the Lion Crew, a bunch of great guys who volunteer their time with the view of making the community a better place. Thank You, Lions!

See Lion's crew by clicking here