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Thanks to our raffle donors 2017




These are the businesses who donated to our 2017 raffle. LPMA Directors David and Joyce Nero  are responsible for soliciting almost all of these donations!


Please patronize these businesses. Thank them for helping.


TLC, West Greenwich, RI

Dragon Palace Restaurant, Coventry, RI

Mai Tai Restaurant, Coventry, RI

Home Depot, Coventry, RI

DePetrillo's Bakery, Coventry, RI

Dunkin Donuts, Coventry, RI

Big River Spirits, West Greenwich, RI

Crestwood Liquors, Coventry, RI

Anthony's Liquors, Coventry, RI

Stop & Shop, Coventry, RI

Guitar Studio, West Greenwich



Joanne Rice, who gets special mention for the beautiful carved bench.