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George E. Latour


With the passing of George E. Latour, 82, on Tuesday, August 28 at Kent Hospital, the Lake Mishnock Preservation Association, the Mishnock Community and the State of Rhode Island lost one of its better angels. George was a founding director, lifelong member and generous LMPA donor.


He was a familiar presence on Mishnock Road where he walked daily for at least the past 18 years. Just a little stooped in recent years and using a cane, he would occasionally pause to catch his breath, though the signature unlit cigar seldom left his clamped jaw. Somehow, he managed a steady smile, cigar and all. Encountering George on a walk, which I did frequently over the years, was always a treat.  In recent years the exchange would likely include something about health and doctors though he always asked about the lake association.  George had a good spirit, showed an interest in things that matter, but never seemed to have a bad word about anybody. My wife Nancy told me a story recently about her exchange with George when they met walking.  After the usual health update, Nancy said, “Well, I don’t know of anyone getting out of this world alive.” She paused a few beats and then said, “But there are rumors!” to which George laughed very hard. I hope he is still laughing somewhere.  


You can read a thorough and thoughtful obituary, including funeral and visiting details, in the Thursday, August 30, 2018 Providence Journal. If you don’t subscribe to the paper you can probably read it online, though as a tribute to George you may want to buy a copy. He was a retired journalist, spending some of those years at the Providence Journal. 


 Try this link for George's obituary.


Ken  Brown