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Earth Day 2006

Pictured left to right are John and Joshua Berchem; Dan Albro and Diane Blaquiere. The location is near a curve on Lake Drive road, a fovorite spot for the neat people who just hate leaving trash in their car any longer than absolutely necessary. The red wagon belongs to Diane by the way. She used it to haul bags when trucks were not available. Diane is very self sufficient.

Stalwart helpers

This may be the most amazing of all the trash I saw. The ingenius human who dumped this stuff a few feet off the road went to a lot of trouble. The owner used a cutting torch to cut the frame into several pieces. This took time and effort. I suppose after all that work it was too much to haul it all the way to the dump which was still another mile away.



Someone managed to discard a car hood along the road, no doubt with artistic purpose.

   Working on Earth Day is both discouraging and encouraging. I'm always astounded at the amount of trash we find. I didn't know bottles and cans came in so many different sizes.. There's everything from the Big Gulp to the half pint. There are lots of nice small cans and bottles these days, ones that almost hide in the brush. They fit the palm nicely for pitching out the window. Rarely is there a blow back. I note that whiskey drinkers who pitch their bottles almost always drink the bottles bone dry, whereas pop and beer drinkers are likely to leave half a bottle. So, whisky drinkers are less wasteful? What is wrong with people? Why do they do this? Didn't they have mothers? Maybe they didn't, or if they did she pitched stuff out the window. Where was dad?
   On the encouraging side we see scores of folks willing to clean up other people's messes. I met people at the big dumpster at the corner of Hopkins Hill and Division. Some were driving big trucks and others little VW Golfs, but they all had bags of trash. They were doing their part. I guess we are a big family. Not all of our relatives are winners so we try to make up for their deficiencies. A big thanks to all who helped!