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Pasta Fundraiser 2006


Head honcho Bob Meehan (bandana and tee shirt) instructs the crew. Everyone agrees Bob is the man when it comes to this event. I wanted a better picture, but Bob didn't stop working long enough to let anyone get a better picture. Read what the Coventry Courier had to say about our fund raiser.

For those still hungry after the "all you can eat" pasta and meat balls, we had these luscious deserts, everything from from fudge to apple pie. Many thanks to those who donated their time for these treats!

What a display of desserts

John worked the door and Claire danced the night away, or was it the other way around? Whatever they did, they look good in this picture


Many thanks to those who donated items for the raffle. Rhode Islanders love a raffle. Raffles let you donate but with a chance to win something. Our items ranged from bottles of wine to rubber ducks.

Ken St. Onge headed up the raffle comittee

the line is moving


Everyone dancing and singing the praises of the good meal. Actually, this is the country dancing that took place right after dinner was over. What a fun way to expend those calories!