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What's New?

Pasta Dinner Time!

The annual Pasta Dinner Fundraiser and Raffle was held Sunday, April 14 at the Mishnock Barn. Details are in the flyer above. Bobby was unable to cater this year's event so we used Meal Works. They did a good job. All the comments I heard were favorable. Unfortunately we had more food than we needed. The turn out was not what we hoped for. Nonetheless we did net about $2000.00 from the event, thanks primarily to the raffle. In addition to the Wooden Bench another major raffle item was a Barbecue Grill donated by Home Depot in Coventry. We can thank the Neros for hustling lots of raffle donations. Please shop with those vendors who help the lake by donating raffle items. This year's vendors can be found here.

We picked up two new members at the dinner, Frank and Tracey Calderon. They live on Pine Tree. Director of Membership Nancy Brown will send them a letter of thanks. We need new members and people to take an interest in the lake's welfare. They are new to the neighborhood and very interested in taking care of the lake.

We are using a new vendor, Pond and Lake,  for treating the lake,  also a new product. Early evidence suggests this could be a game changer for controlling milfoil. Pond and Lake have sent notices to all lake abutters and have applied for relevant permits.


Other news is the fear that Canadian Geese may be establishing themselves on the lake. Historically we've had swans to run them off, but we are not so sure this will happen this year. Our old male swan died two years ago and the new male may not be so territorial. We should know more soon, when mating season starts.   


The annual meeting was held December 15, 2018 at the Mishnock Barn. The first order of business was the election of Directors. The nominating committee (Ken Brown, Diane Blaquire and Kelly Albro) had previously met on November 13. The Committee had been informed that all directors were willing to run for another three year term if there were no other applicants. There were no other applicants. As a result Nancy Brown, Ken Fallon, Joyce Nero, David Nero, Joann Wahl and James Wahl were nominated and elected for another three year term.

The meeting attendees spoke with Solitude's Colin Gosselin  by telephone. The primary subject was the possibility of a new, more effective herbicide for lake treatment next year. We agreed to a meeting sometime in February to further explore the cost and  feasibility of this product. Colin will stay in touch.  The possibility that milfoil could be virtually eliminated from our lake is exciting. We seem to be an ideal lake to try. It is a kettle pond and isn't fed by a fast moving stream. The public access  has minimal use, so boats don't bring milfoil from other places. Next meeting is February 2, 2019, 10am at the barn.


 Some of you reading this website may want to contribute to keeping our lake healthy, but have yet to do anything concrete. Well, I have great news for you. You can contribute without it costing you a cent! And it's easy! I know this sounds too good to be true, but it isn't. A letter explaining how this works was recently sent to all LMPA members and to all who live on the lake. If you care about the lake and its future please read this letter. Thanks from all of us at LMPA.



George Latour, longtime Rhode Island resident and lifetime LMPA member, passed on Tuesday, August 28. Please  read more here:  


The lake was treated on Friday, June 11, 2018 and a second time on Wednesday, August 22. This will be the final treatment for 2018. My opinion is that the lake overall stayed as clear as any year in memory. There was not a great need for the second treatment, but hopefully that gives us a good start on next year. There will be a final assessment and end of year report later. This was a good year for Lake Mishnock. 






In case you are wondering what milfoil can do to a pond if left unchecked, look below.  Jim Wahl took this picture of what used to be a pond near Hopkins Hill road.

local pond suffering the ravages of milfoil