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Second treatment of Little Mishnock 2007

Marc Bellaud from Aquatic Control Technology explained the second treatment as follows: 
Little Mishnock was re-treated with Renovate OTF herbicide on September 27th.  Little Mishnock was treated with the same product on May 21st.  Initially the cove responded well to treatment.  Approximately 1-month following treatment all of the targeted milfoil was severely stressed and it looked like the plants would continue to die-off.  Instead the milfoil plants began to recover and grow aggressively.  This was noted when we inspected the cove with a Technical Specialist from SePRO Corp. the manufacturer of Renovate OTF herbicide.  It was apparent that a sublethal concentration had been applied.  Because SePRO had recommended the concentration that we used for the May 21st treatment, they agreed to provide additional material so we could re-treat the entire cove with a higher concentration.  After checking with several researchers, it was determined that the milfoil plants would be most susceptible to re-treatment now, as they were just starting to regrow.  We hope that this re-treatment will provide a more complete kill of the milfoil plant and root structures and provide carryover control through the 2008 season.  We plan to inspect the lake in about a month to evaluate how effectively the treatment is working.  The re-treatment was performed at no additional cost to LMPA. 

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